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Ed Woods provides a professional online mastering service for musicians and record companies looking for the optimum finish for their music. 


Credits include: Scott Matthews, Friedberg, UNKLE, The Sherlocks, Hot Chip, Calogero, Her’s, Tony Visconti, Brian Eno, Dave Eringa, Lava La Rue, Twin Atlantic, VUKOVI, The Proclaimers, The Who, Manic Street Preachers, Shed Seven, Wilko Johnson, Roger Daltrey, Tom McCrae, Thunder, Reuben, Black Peaks, Idlewild, Jasmine Rodgers, Cats in Space, Lava La Rue, Holy F, Redolent, Jamie Lenman. See more credits on masteringcredits.com

Blurry photo of Scott in profile in red and green.
Scott Mathews: New Skin
Lava wears a hood with 4 spikes on it. Drawing of butterfly in top right corner
Lava La Rue: Butter-Fly
Line drawing of an elephant skull on a white background
Jasmine Rodgers: Blood red sun
Red haired girl with one black eye one blue sits on a blue tiled floor.
VUKOVI: Kill it
Blue fuzzy square on pink background. Green 3D font reads JAPANESE TELEVISION REMIXED
Japanese Television: Remix III ft UNKLE
Black cycle gear on red background.
The Proclaimers: Angry cyclist
Purple and red sunset over empty road with one streetlight.
The Sherlocks: End of the Earth
Wilko sneers to camera wearing a stetson with a band member either side of him.
Wilko Johnson: Blow Your Mind
Swirly monument made of organ pipes against a blue and orange sunset.
Thunder All the Right Noises
Red TV on its back with red screen that says Oya Paya in shaky yellow writing.
Oya Paya: Connect
Underwater city surrounded by sharks, giant squid, divers and explosions.
Cats in Space: Atlantis

8 black and white photos of Rodger and Wilko performing
Wilko Johnson Roger Daltrey: Going Back Home
1920s photo of tattooed man and woman standing with their hands clasped in front of them.
Evans McCrae: Only Skin
Painted caravan with doors open to show a circle of Greek pillars exploding.
The Vintage Caravan: Monuments
Blue cartoon text says The Who on a blue background with faint numbers. and yellow paint splashes.
The Who – Be Lucky
Bunch of pink tulips and peach carnations on a dark green velvet.
Her’s – Invitation to Her’s


Ed’s career spans more than 15 years and 3,000 artists.

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